Corporate Social Responsibility

Concentration of entrepreneurs in the new dimensions is the basic factor of success. Now companies not only focus on the needs of their customers but also the needs of society and environment. We must be good corporate citizens and must give back to the societies to which we belong.

We at CBL believe in being 'Good Corporate Citizens' which is evident from the fact that we have always had our focus towards the sustainability of environment and resources at large. We realize that our future success is dependent upon the future of the environment and the society to which we belong and in which we exist

There are many ways in which we fulfill our responsibility and practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • First of all at CBL we are committed to building great brands and in doing so we act with integrity and show respect to both our employees and the communities, in providing high quality and great tasting foods in a responsible manner. Moreover, we are passionate about our business, our brands, and our products.
  • Second, it is our commitment to continuously upgrade our processes, systems, products and services by creating value for local communities, by reducing the impact on our environment in which we operate and by enabling our employees and existing and potential customers improve their standards of living.
  • Third, we are constantly investing in and enriching our communities so that they reach their full potential. Thus we are heavily involved in projects that develop infrastructure, education, healthcare, water and sanitation and social welfare programmes for the country.
  • Fourth, we promote diversity in our workforce and ensure a safe healthy workplace. Read more on diversity in our diversity section on careers.
  • Last, we also help culture and society flourish, by supporting charities, providing scholarships, treating needy patients and by donating for humanitarian reasons.